Design – Restoration – Fabrication – Repair

Prime Mover AutoGroup is not a high volume restoration shop. In fact, we generally only take on a few complete projects per year. We do however love helping others with their projects and provide many services directly and in conjunction with other design, restoration, fabrication, and repair professionals.

Locating the Perfect Restoration Candidate

Living in southern California has its benefits, especially when it comes to having access to many super clean vehicles. Over the past 25 years, I have built a network with hundreds of car guys, attended many local car and swap meets and can offer you help in tracking down and procuring that perfect restoration candidate. Or perhaps you think you have found it already and need someone local to go and check it out for you to make sure it really is what the seller says it is.

Planning Your Project

Okay, you just purchased the car of your dreams, or pulled it out from the back of your garage or barn and are ready to bring it back to life. Where do you start? How much will it cost to restore or repair? Can you do all or some of the work yourself? Do you want a restored original or custom? Who should you take it to for the work? There are always many questions and the answers really depend on what works for you. If you need a plan of attack, we can help you scope out the project to maximize your budget and achieve the desired results.

Project Management and Documentation

Perhaps you just don’t have the time to personally manage the project. We can assist you with these efforts keeping your project on track and making sure the work is getting done to your expectations. We can also create a personalized on-line project plan for your car that completely documents the restoration process via photo and video. This is great to have if you plan to later sell your vehicle and it’s just fun to share with your friends as well.

Mechanical, Fabrication, Body and Paint

You don’t always have to pay top dollar for each and every task to be performed. We can take on any aspect of the restoration process itself pulling in the right talent for each phase of the project. In most cases, we can save you a lot of money directly handling all the mechanical work such as engine rebuilding/installation, brake, suspension, exhaust and other system upgrades, while subcontracting out specific other tasks as needed. We will ensure that the right talent is utilized based on your budget and expectation levels.

Have a project in mind?

Let us help you realize your vision and make it a reality!